Hop on to the potpourri amusement ride of Burlesque and Boylesque twirled together in one spectacular show!

Einlass 18 Uhr // Show Beginn 19 Uhr

The Host: Scotty the Blue Bunny

Since 1996 Scotty the Blue Bunny has performed his special brand of spandex-clad spectacle from Sydney, Australia to Helsinki, Finland.  In Cirkuses and Spiegeltents, Scotty has sung, fiddled, twirled, performed magic and busted really big balloons with his butt. Basically, he’s gotten a lot farther for a lot longer in a bunny suit than a person probably should.  Productions of note include: The Bindlestiff Family Circus (US), La Clique (NY,Sydney, Brighton, Edinburgh), Teatro Zinzanni’s Late Nite Cabaret (Seattle, WA), David Periera’s Trip at the Wintergarten (Berlin, DE), and 14 years hosting the New York Burlesque Festival.


© photo Dusti Cunningham

The Live Act: Bubblegum Lecter

With a voice of a tainted angel and a dazzling beauty of 50+ shades of pink (because YES! She can!), this vixen is sure to wow the audience and get them all frisky! We say: we want that bubble gum, pop it with your mouth wide, we want some juicy fruit, bubblicious gurrl - just give me dat bubble gum baby


© photo 

Headliners 2017

Satans Angel
Queen of the Fire Tassels ♡
photo © Brian Smith
Julie Atlas Muz
Miss Exotic World 2006 BHoF ♡
photo © Steven Menendez
Jo Boobs Weldon
Founder of the The New York School of Burlesque ♡
photo © Bettina May
Tansy & Leeon
Wowing Burlesque Hall of Fame act ♡
photo © Harman House Photography
Jonny Porkpie
Burlesque Mayor of NYC ♡
photo © Eli Schmidt
Bettie Blackheart
Founder and President of Helsinki Burlesque ♡
photo © Maria Kimalle

Performers 2017

MisRed Delicious
(New Zealand)
photo © Reece Spiller Mellypop Photography
Running Bear
photo © Alexander Edwards
Theodora Rex
photo © Heidi Sandborg
Lotta Love
photo © Carlo Romano Art
Dis Charge
(United Kingdom)
photo © tony Barrett Powell
Miss Knockout Noire
photo © Kais Milch
Alekseï Von Wosylius & Mara de Nudée
photo © Luc de Dooij
photo © Siegfried Kaufmann
Lady Laverna
photo © Asko Rantanen
Kitty Willenbruch
photo © Andreas Fischer

Fotographen 2017

Tuomas Lairila
photo © Jouni "Psyke" Väänänen
John-Paul Bichard
photo © John-Paul Bichard